Subject Re: limit on number tables in from sentence?
Author Svein Erling
it is definitely not an SQL limit and I would be surprised if it was a
Firebird limit (I never write statements with that many tables myself,
but I think I once saw a statement written by Aage that contained
about 20 tables).

Though one thing you write makes me wonder. You say "behind the FROM".
Does that mean that you are using SQL-89 (SELECT * FROM A, B WHERE A.
ID = B.ID) and not SQL-92 (SELECT * FROM A JOIN B ON A.ID = B.ID)?

If so, I'd recommend you to change to SQL-92 to see if that helps and
report back here or to firebird-devel whether it helps or not (I
assume having more than 16 tables in the where clause using SQL-89
ought to work even though it must be very confusing).

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> Hello,
> I have the problem when I try to put more than 16 tables behind the
> FROM in an sql sentence.
> Is this a limit of firebird? or a SQL limit? if so, is it possible
> to change it?