Subject fbserver using CPU at 100%
Author Evelyne Girard

I have an intermittent problem with fbserver. At my office, the fbserver on
the server (it never happened on my local server and I don't think it
happened at a client office neither), sometimes take 100% of a CPU. It
happened in the past when my server only had a single CPU (and then we
noticed it everytime it happened because we couldn't work anymore).

It can last several hours if we don't take it down. On some occasions, the
fbserver would suddenly use normally the CPU when one client in particular
would stop using a firebird-powered program. The program itself wasn't
freezed on the client machine (it is not a bad SQL request as far as I can
tell). It seems to me that it is a fbclient.dll different than then one on
the server that is causing all the trouble but it is very difficult to pin
point since I can't say wich user is "freezing" the server. Is it possible
at all ?

Now, I thought I would install Classic Server. If I do, will I see which of
the clients is faulty ? Anyone has a better idea ??? I'm only grateful
this is happening at the office and not on a client installation ...