Subject Re: fbserver using CPU at 100%
Author Aage Johansen
On Tue, 6 Jan 2004 15:57:56 +0000 (UTC), Evelyne Girard wrote:

> I have an intermittent problem with fbserver. At my office, the fbserver on
> the server (it never happened on my local server and I don't think it
> happened at a client office neither), sometimes take 100% of a CPU. It
> happened in the past when my server only had a single CPU (and then we
> noticed it everytime it happened because we couldn't work anymore).
> It can last several hours if we don't take it down. On some occasions, the
> fbserver would suddenly use normally the CPU when one client in particular
> would stop using a firebird-powered program. The program itself wasn't
> freezed on the client machine (it is not a bad SQL request as far as I can
> tell). It seems to me that it is a fbclient.dll different than then one on
> the server that is causing all the trouble but it is very difficult to pin
> point since I can't say wich user is "freezing" the server. Is it possible
> at all ?

This can be a SWEEP (garbage collection). Usually caused by programs that
keep transactions open over a long period, using "commit retaining", and
not doing preventive garbage collection (sweep, backup (gbak)).

Which server version are you using?
What kind of middleware (BDE, IBX, IBO, FIB+, ...)

Aage J.