Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: fbserver using CPU at 100%
Author Evelyne Girard
> This can be a SWEEP (garbage collection). Usually caused by programs that
> keep transactions open over a long period, using "commit retaining", and
> not doing preventive garbage collection (sweep, backup (gbak)).

I only found secondary databases for which sweep wasn't set to 0 and these
DB were tiny and I don't even think they're used on a regular basis. By the
way, how could I know if there is another database on this server ? Is
there a way to get that list (since every programmer in the shop can create
databases in a lot of directories) ?

> Which server version are you using?

1.5 RC7 but I had the same problem since last summer (don't remember which
version it was then).

> What kind of middleware (BDE, IBX, IBO, FIB+, ...)

The main programs are using FIB+ others are working with IBX (Delphi5 or
Delphi7). The problem was there before our switching from IBX to FIB+.
The server is Windows Server 2003.

Was I correct about the assumption that a Classic installation would let me
know which connection is at fault ?