Subject SubQuery / SubSelect / Nested Query Support
Author solkrin

I'm sure this as been talked about before, but I can't seem to find
anything in the firebird newgroup about it.

What is it called when you do a select from a select statement. ie.
Select * from (Select * from table). Is called subquery or something
else. Just so I can refer to it in the future.

I know firebird doesn't do the above select. Personally I never
needed it, I usually do Views or procedure. But I have a group of
people that I'm trying to convince how good firebird is and that they
should review their SELECT statements before commenting on the engine.
But they think if a database can't do this, then its garbage. Their
arguement is, its a requirement, Access does it, Oracle, mySQL, its
easier to update the exe than the view, etc. etc.
(Bunch of <enter colorful comment here> )

Just so I can make them happy I'd like to know.

Is this feature a ANSI SQL 92?
And will firebird 2 support it. (This would shut them up)

Thanks and good work all,

Have a nice day.