Subject Re: Mac OSX install. What's the status?
Author Roopali Sharma

I am trying to evaluate firebird on mac osx. And the version you
mentioned is the only one I saw too on the site. Do you have any more
info on this so far? Any response/feeback would be very helpful.
This is my first time using a mac as well so its quite a challenge
for me.


--- In, "alonsong2002"
<alonsong@h...> wrote:
> What's the status of Firebird on a Mac? Any one has experience with
> this? Install instructions?
> Is this the latest release that can be used on a Mac?
> V1.01 3rd Oct 2002 Classic Server for MacOS X (.tar.gz) (2.8mb)
> Do the linux or FreeBSD releases work on MacOS X too?
> Thanks.