Subject Re: [firebird-support] SubQuery / SubSelect / Nested Query Support
Author Daniel Rail

At September 26, 2003, 17:41, solkrin wrote:
> First,
> What is it called when you do a select from a select statement. ie.
> Select * from (Select * from table). Is called subquery or something
> else. Just so I can refer to it in the future.


> Second,
> I know firebird doesn't do the above select.

It does it internally, but the feature hasn't been surfaced for
everybody to use.

> Personally I never
> needed it, I usually do Views or procedure. But I have a group of
> people that I'm trying to convince how good firebird is and that they
> should review their SELECT statements before commenting on the engine.
> But they think if a database can't do this, then its garbage. Their
> arguement is, its a requirement, Access does it, Oracle, mySQL, its
> easier to update the exe than the view, etc. etc.
> (Bunch of <enter colorful comment here> )

> Just so I can make them happy I'd like to know.

> Is this feature a ANSI SQL 92?

Yes it is part of SQL-92. But, not all RDBMS systems are SQL-92 or
SQL-99 compliant at 100%.

> And will firebird 2 support it. (This would shut them up)

I think Nickolay already made the changes for FB 2. But, it was too
late to implement a new feature in FB 1.5, since it was already in the
RC stage. If he hasn't submitted the code yet, he did mention about
the change for FB 2.

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