Subject Re: [firebird-support] Digest Number 1743
Author Paul Reeves
On Saturday 20 September 2003 08:37, Anand wrote:
> Thanks for the replies, guys :)
> So in a gist, the Guardian service was supposed to automatically
> take care of the database server restarts etc. in case there was any
> crash, but since Firebird very rarely crashes it is sort of redundant.

Not really. In a production environment (and sometimes even in a development
environment) there is no-one around with admin rights to the server. If
Firebird crashes under such circumstances users would need to put a request
into the system administrators who could be at lunch, asleep, or pre-occupied
with whatever it is they usually do (bofh?). Whatever it is it usually isn't
managing Firebird or InterBase. So the guardian is needed for such a
circumstance. It can instantly restart the server without needing to bother a
Sys Admin.

Win2k and beyond do have a service restart feature built-in and this could be
used to the same effect instead of the guardian. But as we go to the trouble
of building and maintaining it with the rest of the kit I'd recommend that it
be used in preference to the operating system features.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase