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Author Milan Babuskov
Anand wrote:
> So in a gist, the Guardian service was supposed to automatically
> take care
> of the database server restarts etc. in case there was any
> crash, but since
> Firebird very rarely crashes it is sort of redundant. And in
> case the
> Guardian service is running you won't get any direct information
> of the
> server crashes, for e.g. your database activity won't throw any
> exception,
> because the Guardian service will restart the Firebird server,
> is that
> right?

Not really. Read my answer once again. You will know when server crashed
by losing the connection, and then you can look at firebird log file.

Does the Guardian service ensure that an app using the
> database
> server is not affected by a server crash by restarting the
> server and
> restoring the connection, or does it simply eliminate the need
> on the client
> application's part to start the database server after a crash,
> and the
> client app would still have to reconnect?

Clients have to reconnect... have you really read my post?

You can try this yourself. Launch guardian and connect with some client.
Then kill the server process and see what happens...

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