Subject Problem with ODBC of ibphoenix
Author Edgar Brítez

I have a problem with the ODBC of ibphoenix.

In the ODBC of easysoft for example, in the configuration of the ODBC
one includes the character Set and dialect that you are going to use in
that conección.

In the ODBC of ibphoenix do not exist these options reason why I have
some problems:?

1 - The letters “ñє, when not indicating the character Set (ISO8859_1)
falls in error when I want to do insert with a text that contains ñÑ.

2- I cannot read data of a table that has a column of 50 of
length, leaves the error: “NAME field size is too long (41)".

Somebody knows as dialect can be configure to the character Seth in this


Edgar Brítez
Sebaot Software

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