Subject migration corrupts database
Author Pablo Lerner
Hello all...

I'm running Firebird 1.02 on Win 2000 on a dual Xeon server.
I've written a program in Visual FoxPro wich migrates data from free dbf
tables to an firebird database. Migration process runs on the same server
and ends without problems, deleting all data before inserting anything, and
taking about 2 1/2 to 3 hours. But database appears corrupt when it
finishes(database at this point is about 180 Mbytes).
After that I've tried to backup (using ibconsole) but process stops suddenly
at a specific table and stays like waiting for something. Experience tells
me that it can stay like that al least 4 or 5 hours (that's the maximum time
i've waited before shutting down server) so I stopped the server and made a
validation. The answer was that there were 147 pages with errors.
Interbase.log shows :

CACHE4400 (Server) Thu Sep 18 09:36:01 2003
Shutting down the Firebird service with 2 active connection(s) to 1

CACHE4400 (Server) Thu Sep 18 09:36:01 2003
The database E:\IBASE\GESCON.GDB was being accessed when the server was

CACHE4400 (Server) Thu Sep 18 09:36:01 2003
internal gds software consistency check (Too many savepoints (287))

CACHE4400 (Client) Thu Sep 18 09:36:14 2003
Guardian starting: C:\Archivos de programa\Firebird\bin\ibserver.exe

CACHE4400 (Server) Thu Sep 18 09:39:12 2003
Page 44208 is an orphan

CACHE4400 (Server) Thu Sep 18 09:39:12 2003
Page 44212 is an orphan

Then the "orphan" message repeats a lot of times (I guess 147 times) with
different page numbers, all with the same timestamp.
Repair has finished and new validation process tells me everything is ok,
but migration stills stops at the same point. Task Manager shows ibserver
process at the top of servers capacity, and backup process still does't

Can anyone think of a posible cause of this ? If data gets deleted and
inserted again, without any errors, why there's corruption ?

I'm prety sure migration process closes every connection and commits
everything. If you need some more information about the server or the
database just tell me, thanks in advance...

Pablo Lerner

PS: I'm very urgent to solve this.

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