Subject Firebird 1.5 RC5 installation
Author Salvatore Besso
hello all,

sorry if this topic has been already discussed here in the past, but I
decided only today to migrate to 1.5 RC5 and I have not kept old list
messages. It seems that something is going wrong. I have noticed that
the RC5 package is only a zip file and I suppose it has to be
extracted over an existing installation (currently 1.03). But doing so
the server running is always the old 1.03 and it seems also that a new
registry branch is needed in the registry to use the RC5 in full
getting rid of old gds32.dll.

Can you give me some light illustrating all the necessary steps or do
I have to wait 1.5 final release with its installer?

I have also downloaded the FBConfiguration utility for 1.5 but it
doesn't work. it says that the server is not running.

Some time ago I had also downloaded a Wise script to install FB 1.5
but it seems a bit outdated since there is no choice of what to
install (server/client, only client, tools, etc.) and the registry
settings seem incomplete as well. Do you have a link to an updated
good and complete Wise script for 1.5? (I'm currently using
InstallBuilder 8.14).