Subject Re: External Tables with Indexes
Author cgar1136
> >I have an IB6 Database of a few years old, and it's size is so big
> >for it's age.... the reason for that size is that i need to storage
> >information about the end of exercises and movements for each month
> >and that information is so much...
> >
> >So i was thinking about get out that information from the GDB using
> >external tables, then i can reduce the size of GDB and
> >consecuentially the GBK size too and my reports and query's still
> >like today... but the problem is that the query's works but are so
> >slow, because there are not indexes and the joins take a lot of
> >time...
> >
> >What can i do in this case??... the external tables are my best
> >solution, but velocity is the price....
> You're clearly not looking at a shortage of local disk space here,
> you are willing to push data out to external tables, which must
stay on
> local disks. The size of the database doesn't affect performance.
If the
> presence of these old rows interferes with your operations on
current rows,

Hi Helen... thanx a lot for your answer...

> why not move these old rows to a history table inside the database?

Well... the reason is for time of transfer....

We have an application based in AstaTech using Delphi, so, the 2 DB's
propose don't work for us... and each time that our clients have a
problem with the application we need that they send to us them
DataBase to can solve the problem...

So, if the DB is big, the time of transfer has become very long...and
we can't connect directly to their DB because they have an Intranet
and we dont have access, so the only way to can assist them is
sending the DB by e-mail... They makes a GBK and send it to us, but
even GBK size is very large cause the historic table...

Any suggest??

Thanx in advance

Carlos G