Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 1.5 RC5 installation
Author Florian Hector
> sorry if this topic has been already discussed here in the past, but I
> decided only today to migrate to 1.5 RC5 and I have not kept old list
> messages. It seems that something is going wrong. I have noticed that
> the RC5 package is only a zip file and I suppose it has to be
> extracted over an existing installation (currently 1.03). But doing so
> the server running is always the old 1.03 and it seems also that a new
> registry branch is needed in the registry to use the RC5 in full
> getting rid of old gds32.dll.

Try getting, RC 4, this came with a complete install programm, after
installation, copy the content of RC 5 over that new installation.