Subject Connecting to embedded server, CASE tools
Author Alvaro Jimenez
Hi all

Is there any way to use Interbase/Firebird Embedded server with Delphi
(dbExpress) and/or ODBC (the app is written in Visual FoxPro)? After reading
the IB Docs, it only mentions calling the Firebird API with C/C++, are there
not other wrappers or componentes?

I'm also looking for a CASE tool que provides good support to Firebird 1.xx.
I have tried Erwin 3 & 4, ER Studio and Power Designer 9.5, and they all
seem to have problems reverse-engineering FB databases, generating proper RI
SQL sentences, handling generators, etc. I'd like to try xCase 7 but the
trial version is unavailable, anybody has experience with it? Or does
anybody have a good working configuration file for Power Designer 9.5 and is
willing to share it? :)

Thanks all for your help