Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: ISO-8859-2 problems
Author Peter Jacobi
Hi Gabor,

I CC may message to the list again, as it then can be found by
everyone searching the archives for similiar problems.

> I use COLLATE PXW_HUN(DC) creating index on a VARCHAR(90) fails with:
> key size too big for index IDX."

The sorting mechanism implemented by all the language specific collations
is somewhat complicated. Ask or search the archives if you are interested in
the details.

The negative side effect of this, is that the index size has to be larger
8bit/character, even for 8bit character sets.

The current implementation is not that optimized and claims whopping
24bit/character, which is quite a burden. So indexing stops at about 80

If you don't need the Hungarian sort order, and only want correct
declare the column without COLLATE clause and give the COLLATE clause only
when using the UPPER function:

If you really want the Hungarian sort order and 80 chars is not enough for
what about being a beta tester for a new implemention?

Peter Jacobi

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