Subject Re: [firebird-support] Connecting to embedded server, CASE tools
Author Daniel Rail

At September 3, 2003, 18:07, Alvaro Jimenez wrote:

> Is there any way to use Interbase/Firebird Embedded server with Delphi
> (dbExpress) and/or ODBC (the app is written in Visual FoxPro)? After reading
> the IB Docs, it only mentions calling the Firebird API with C/C++, are there
> not other wrappers or componentes?

You can use the embedded server with any connectivity solution that
requires the client libraries gds32.dll or fbclient.dll. You simply
need to rename fbembed.dll to either gds32.dll or fbclient.dll,
depending on which one that your connectivity solution is looking for.
When using JDBC or ADO.Net, connectivity drivers for Firebird already
exists and they connect directly to the server(not the embedded
server), because they have the protocol implemented directly in the
drivers and don't use the DLLs.

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