Subject What does ibmgr do at startup?
Author Milan Babuskov
[Firebird 1.03 SS on Custom Linux]

Hi all,

I made a small Linux distro that boots up from CD, loads kernel with
drivers for ethernet adapter, mounts hard disk partitions and runs

I used the command:
/opt/interbase/bin/ibmgr -start -forever

to start the server. It just hangs for about 10 seconds and then shows this:

check $INTERBASE/interbase.log file for errors
can not start server

Really strange because the server IS started, and I can see ibserver and
ibguard processes running. I also connect to and work with databases
without problems (at least it seems that way).

interbase.log shows these lines:

localhost (Client) Mon Aug 18 12:47:51 2003
INET/inet_error: connect errno = 111

localhost (Client) Mon Aug 18 12:47:51 2003
/opt/interbase/bin/ibguard: guardian starting bin/ibserver

localhost (Server) Mon Aug 18 12:47:53 2003
SERVER/process_packet: connection rejected for root

This last message repeats multiple times during 10 seconds.

My Linux configuration is just small ISOLINUX with busybox on it. It
doesn't have any authentication stuff, there are no files like
/etc/passwd etc., you can only work as root. I guess that FB is trying
to find user root somehow/somewhere, and fails ???

I would just like someone to explain this to me, so I can be sure that I
can work without any risks...

BTW, a machine running only kernel, init, tcp/ip and firebird is
*really* fast.

Milan Babuskov