Subject UDF
Author Walter Neumann

I try to use first time UDF's. The functions are written in Kylix (Delphi) and
built a library. The library is in the FB home/UDF directory. The declaration
seems to be ok. Does Firebird at this time verify the declaration?
Calling the UDF in a SQL statement I recieve the error message:
'invalid request BLR at offset 247. Function STAATIMPO is not defined, module
name or entrypoint could not be found.'
I can see in the table RDB$FUNCTIONS and in the RDB$FUNCTIONS_ARGUMENTS the
declared UDF. The Firebird version is 1.0 SS for Linux.
The function works in the delphi envirement properly. Is it possible at all,
to write functions for Firebird in delphi?
Thank you for any advice.

Walter Neumann.