Subject Hyperthreading, Classic and Superserver
Author eilon_reshef
We are in the process of moving a system based on Firebird to
production, on shared Xeon multi-processor Windows-based systems

What we saw in the 1.5 Release Notes is that the Superserver
architecture does not support hyperthreading. On the other hand, the
Classic architecture was advocated as "experimental", and - we cannot
turn hyperthreading off because these are shared machines.

Can anyone recommend a course of action in such an environment:

* Is there any way to run the Superserver a system
with hyperthreading? Can CPU affinity be set to take care
of the hyperthreading?

* How severe is the performance penalty on Windows for the
Classic architecture? Does it spawn a new process for each
request as it does on Linux? Is it production ready?

Are there any other ideas - does anyone have plans to add
hyperthreading and/or multi-CPU support to the SuperServer

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