Subject Re: Hyperthreading, Classic and Superserver
Author rfincher2000
Superserver should be good on XP. The Win 2000 scheduler had
problems with it though.

Also on hyperthreaded Linux kernel it runs OK.


--- In, "eilon_reshef"
<eilon_reshef@y...> wrote:
> We are in the process of moving a system based on Firebird to
> production, on shared Xeon multi-processor Windows-based systems
> (2000/XP).
> What we saw in the 1.5 Release Notes is that the Superserver
> architecture does not support hyperthreading. On the other hand,
> Classic architecture was advocated as "experimental", and - we
> turn hyperthreading off because these are shared machines.
> Can anyone recommend a course of action in such an environment:
> * Is there any way to run the Superserver a system
> with hyperthreading? Can CPU affinity be set to take care
> of the hyperthreading?
> * How severe is the performance penalty on Windows for the
> Classic architecture? Does it spawn a new process for each
> request as it does on Linux? Is it production ready?
> Are there any other ideas - does anyone have plans to add
> hyperthreading and/or multi-CPU support to the SuperServer
> architecture?
> Thanks,
> Eilon
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