Subject C API - isc_attach
Author Roman Jokl

I have problem with isc_attach_database() function in C API, Debian
linux, FB version 1.5. This code:

#include "ibase.h"

int main (int argc, char *argv[])
isc_db_handle db = NULL; /* database handle */
ISC_STATUS_ARRAY status; /* status vector */

printf("attaching db...\n");
isc_attach_database (status, 0, "kerio.fdb", &db, 0, NULL);
printf("db attached\n");
if (status[0] == 1 && status[1]) {
isc_print_status (status);
return 1;
compiled as :
gcc -lfbembed -ldl -lcrypt -lstdc++ fill_t_p.c -o fill_t_p

works ok in /usr/local/firebird/examples directory. Elsewhere the
function terminate program without any error message.