Subject Re: [ib-support] interrupted php script while accessing firebird... what happens?
Author Xavier Solé
> > If the result of the query is big enough, it may take some time to show
> > the rows in the browser, and the user may get tired of waiting. If he
> > the script, does firebird continue processing the query until it
> I don't know about theory, but my experience shows that Firebird keeps
> running the query. Sometimes my users run a query like that, and when
> they see it isn't responding, they try to run it again, and the server
> gets stuck for a long time, so I just have to kill those ibserver
> processes. (I use Linux, Apache, PHP)

In this moment there are 6 ibserver processes in my server. Is it normal? (I
think there's no one but me connected to the database actually)Does it mean
that there are 6 zombie queries out there? How do I know if they are current
queries or some old ones?