Subject Re: [ib-support] interrupted php script while accessing firebird... what happens?
Author Milan Babuskov
Xavier Solé wrote:
> In this moment there are 6 ibserver processes in my server. Is it normal? (I
> think there's no one but me connected to the database actually)Does it mean
> that there are 6 zombie queries out there? How do I know if they are current
> queries or some old ones?

When I boot the machine and run Firebird, I see 4 ibserver processes
(with ps ax). It is normal operation. Have you tried to use pstree? I
get something like this:


Also, all these processes should be "sleeping", and if that is the case
AFAIK everything is ok.

ps also shows how long the process is running, so you know whether it is
a current query or an old one.


Milan Babuskov