Subject interrupted php script while accessing firebird... what happens?
Author Xavier Solé

I would like to know what happens when a user clicks on the "Stop" button of
a browser while a php script is returning the results of a Firebird query.
Imagine the script is in that moment accessing the results of a query with a
loop like this:

$dbh = ibase_connect(.....);
$stmt = "SELECT BLA, BLA...";
while ($row=ibase_fetch_object($sth)
... printing result in the client browser

If the result of the query is big enough, it may take some time to show all
the rows in the browser, and the user may get tired of waiting. If he stops
the script, does firebird continue processing the query until it finishes?

I hope my question is understood. I don't know if this has to do with the
webserver or with firebird, and would appreciate any commments on this.



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