Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird 1.02 locked up
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hello Don,

> > You can subscribe by email to ib-support, using it as a mailing
> > list (this is what I do; no problems at all) or follow it via the
> > Yahoo Web interface. It's true that the Atkin server is sometimes
> > problematic.

> I did this for awhile but then too many emails came thru wasting
> diskspace, etc.

Traffic on ib-support is around 4.5 - 5 Mb uncompressed text / month.
Personally, I don't mind, especially with today's harddisk sizes. I
keep everything because it makes a great archive. But you can also
delete the old stuff every month.

> This type of setup forces the endusers to do the "newsgroup"
> management.

But how about the Yahoo web interface? I'm not a great fan of this,
but it _does_ work and it's threaded iirc.

> Support has been good, don't get me wrong there. I just wish they
> would go to a standard newsgroup setup to do it. And the last time
> I needed support people quit responding before the issue was
> resolved because they thought I wasn't responding. I quit replying
> out of the same frustration.

OK, I can understand your irritation. About the standard newsgroup
road: Hmmmm... why not? Are there any good reasons not to do this?
Fear of too much noise maybe?

Sorry I can't be of any help with your "lockup" problem. I've never
experienced it, and I haven't got a clue. Hope somebody else has.

Paul vinkenoog