Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird 1.02 locked up
Author Don Gollahon
> I've not used databases that are as small as 7.5 mb, but I have seen

This was a test database, a small sample of one of our real databases.

> Its kind of hard to tell by your post though if you seen similar
> problems with your normally larger databases (and you dont say it, but
> I'm assuming you mean you use FB for these 3 to 6gb databases). If
> logic holds up, and you had this kind of slowdown for a small 7.5 mb
> database, when you tried similar simple queries, and shutdowns on the
> big ones, you'd be locked up for days ! (and as I said above, my 1 gb
> table only seems to have this little 'time out' fling lasting a few
> minutes).

Yes, all of our large databases are in Firebird right now. And we have had
similar and much longer lasting problems with them. See my post on

> Now, I do run the 1 gb database on a fairly current, fast Intel
> platform. I'm wondering if the 300mhz system of yours may be the
> culpret. ??

Our real data is on dual processor (which FB can only use one of) servers
with 1 G RAM each that are much faster. We recently installed a new server
system costing over $100K. Still have the same FB problems at times though.

> Hope you figure it out. Not knowing if you've posted lots of other
> issues to the group over time, I'm hopeful that you've found lots of the
> GREAT stuff about IB (and now FB) that have convinced you to continue to
> use it.

We have put up with it so far but are seriously considering other options.