Subject Firebird 1.02 locked up
Author Don Gollahon
We have had ongoing problems with IB/FB since we started using it about 4
years ago. I won't go into the story here. But when I heard FB 1.02 was
out I was hoping things would be better. I installed it on my local drive
about 2 days ago. Today I was disappointed. I have a very small database,
7.5 MB, that I just did a a simple query on using IB_SQL.

select *
from master
where cabs_extract = '9/16/2002'
and ((substr(indicators, 28, 28) = '5') or
(substr(indicators, 29, 29) = '5'))

The query ran fine. It returned an empty result set which is correct. I
closed the query then the database and it is now sitting there locked up.
Doing what, who knows? The database is so small that even if it did kick in
a database sweep it shouldn't take but a few minutes to run. But there is
sits. I can't login to FB using IBConsole to get to another database. It's
on my local drive so no one else is accessing it. I am using Windows 2000,
Delphi 5 pro, 256 MB RAM, 3 GB free disk space, 300 MHz. We use the latest
IBX components for Delphi 5 to access FB from our apps. I use IB_Sql to do
database structure changes, manual queries, etc.

Our databases are normally 3 to 6 GB. I'm surprised that this even happens
to the small 7.5 MB database.

Oh, and if anyone responds to this email I will try to reply but cannot
guarentee my messages will get thru because of the way this newsgroup is
setup. My New posts go thru but not many of my replies do. When they do
they never show up under the right message. I mention this because the last
time I tried to get support here a couple of people replied with more
questions and then said I was not responding with answers when I was. The
response just would not go to the right place on your newsgroup. Please
note I am not computer illiterate. I have been a programmer for 15 years
and do not have this problem with ANY other newsgroups. Only those on
Atkins server since they have to go thru the yahoogroups to get anywhere.
This IMO is just another stroke against FB since it is so hard to get
communication to work for support. And this is the only means I know of to
get it.

BTW, now that I'm done with this email I just looked and the IB_Sql finally
closed the database after about 20 minutes. How frustrating! I reran the
same query and closed the database again and it works now. These
inconsistencies with FB are a pain.


Don Gollahon
"The Original GenSoft Prodigal"

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