Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird 1.02 locked up
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Don,

> Oh, and if anyone responds to this email I will try to reply but
> cannot guarentee my messages will get thru because of the way this
> newsgroup is setup. My New posts go thru but not many of my replies
> do. When they do they never show up under the right message. I
> mention this because the last time I tried to get support here a
> couple of people replied with more questions and then said I was not
> responding with answers when I was. The response just would not go
> to the right place on your newsgroup. Please note I am not computer
> illiterate. I have been a programmer for 15 years and do not have
> this problem with ANY other newsgroups. Only those on Atkins server
> since they have to go thru the yahoogroups to get anywhere.

You can subscribe by email to ib-support, using it as a mailing list
(this is what I do; no problems at all) or follow it via the Yahoo Web
interface. It's true that the Atkin server is sometimes problematic.

> This IMO is just another stroke against FB since it is so hard to
> get communication to work for support.

I think ib-support provides:

- an extremely high support level
- with very short response times
- at a reasonable price ;-)

All you have to do is set up things correctly on your side of the
pipe (see above).

> And this is the only means I know of to get it.

You can also BUY support! Even round-the-clock phone and/or email

Paul Vinkenoog