Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird 1.02 locked up
Author Rich Pinder
I've not used databases that are as small as 7.5 mb, but I have seen
something like this recently when doing my yearly update of a 1 GB
database. For me, after doing table mods (inserts / index creation),
when I run ISQL I sometimes have had to wait for a couple minutes. But
then, if I dont do table mods, and I log back in, its not slow down at
all. Thanks for your suspicion that its doing a sweep - i've wondered
what it was doing !!

Its kind of hard to tell by your post though if you seen similar
problems with your normally larger databases (and you dont say it, but
I'm assuming you mean you use FB for these 3 to 6gb databases). If
logic holds up, and you had this kind of slowdown for a small 7.5 mb
database, when you tried similar simple queries, and shutdowns on the
big ones, you'd be locked up for days ! (and as I said above, my 1 gb
table only seems to have this little 'time out' fling lasting a few

Now, I do run the 1 gb database on a fairly current, fast Intel
platform. I'm wondering if the 300mhz system of yours may be the
culpret. ??

Hope you figure it out. Not knowing if you've posted lots of other
issues to the group over time, I'm hopeful that you've found lots of the
GREAT stuff about IB (and now FB) that have convinced you to continue to
use it.

Rich Pinder
USC School of Medicine

>... But there is
>sits. I can't login to FB using IBConsole to get to another database. It's
>on my local drive so no one else is accessing it. I am using Windows 2000,
>Delphi 5 pro, 256 MB RAM, 3 GB free disk space, 300 MHz. We use the latest
>IBX components for Delphi 5 to access FB from our apps. I use IB_Sql to do
>database structure changes, manual queries, etc.
>Our databases are normally 3 to 6 GB. I'm surprised that this even happens
>to the small 7.5 MB database.