Subject RE: [ib-support] Firebird 1.02 locked up
Author Leyne, Sean (Ext. 225)

> OK, I can understand your irritation. About the standard newsgroup
> road: Hmmmm... why not? Are there any good reasons not to do this?
> Fear of too much noise maybe?

As the host of the Atkin news mirror and a long time (back to 1995)
Firebird/Interbase support forum follower, allow me to put a context to
the current mailing list/mirror approach.

First, the history of this support forum was as a mailing list which was
hosted by a number of different groups. The mailing list was the only
support forum, Borland didn't add Interbase to their news server for
many years.

In the fallout of the Borland open source fiasco, the previous hosting
group dropped the list abruptly (never announcing an official reason).
So a new host was sought out -- has selected. The major
reason was simple -- it was free and had net connection speed to burn!!!

The connection speed is important, it allows this list to act more like
a chat group. There have been plenty of times where posts are received
in less than a minute! The previous host ran into significant
performance problems which resulted in 'turn-around' times of 6 hours --
not very good for a support forum.

Also, with 1817 members and averaging over 1000 per month, to host this
privately would require a fairly high-speed connection.

Of course, being a mail only forum, the inevitable call "can we have a
news group?" came. To that end, I volunteered to provide a computer and
net connection for a news service (the amount of bandwidth required for
a news server is a lot less than a mailing list).

Now, rather than give up the mailing list functionality of the list
(which some of us much perfer over newsgroups) the decision was made to
keep the mailing list but allow for the posting to be monitored and made
through the news server.

In this way, people would get the best of both worlds: a mailing list
with excellent speed/response and a newsgroup to allow for off-line

This solution does, unfortunately, require that anyone wishing to post a
message must join YahooGroups and subscribe to this mailing list.