Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird performance
Author Bojidar Alexandrov
paul_damian@... wrote:
> Hello all!
> I've discovered Firebird a couple of months ago. And I consider it
> for switching from MS-SQL Server, because of the price. And I ask you
> to tell me about your experience implementing Firebird, regarding the
> performance.
> My app is designed for a small corporate intranet (most 5 users
> logged in simontaneously), the network is running W98 / W2K prof
> clients and TCP/IP. Firebird will be installed as service on an W2K
> Professional machine (planned as Pentium IV / 1.8G, 256MB, RAID HDD
> 40MB). Even if it sounds not bad, I'm concerned about the following:
> at some time it could happen that all clients will connect to an
> table, wanting to "pump" thousends of records, some of them out
> (SELECT FROM) and some of them in (INSERT TO). Will Firebird do it?
> Will it be reliable?
> Any advice you can give me? Perhaps also encouraging me, telling me
> from your experience Firebird doing more than that? :-)
> Best regards,
> Paul

It is very reliable and fast.
Read more about this in various postings in this newsgroup and I want to
suggest you to find the post "Interbase Performance" in
news:\\ - borland.public.interbase.general where
people recently have discussed using it at heavy duty enivironments and
giving some tips for better perfomance.
Probably you can find this also at

Bojidar Alexanrov
Kodar Ltd.