Subject Re: [ib-support] error on restore [33554482]
Author Bojidar Alexandrov
enio@... wrote:
> Hi to all.
> I'm try restore a .GDB from FB 1.0 run on W2k, and do restore in FB
> 1.0 run on Linux, the restore goes ok, by in the end, after create
> the index show this message
> Error 33554482
> Lock manager out of room
> If I try restore in w2000 the restore runs ok.
> I try restore by IBConsole and by gbak.
> What can I do?
> thanks to all

You must increase memory for lock manager.
Find in interbase directory the file isc_config - remove the # before
ANY_LOCK_MEM_SIZE and double the value of this parameter. Restart IB server
and try again. If again you receive this - try to double it again, if no
sucess - report here.

Bojidar Alexanrov
Kodar Ltd.