Subject Re: RE: [ib-support] Non-technical database question
Author Cassandra Harley
> Views are, in fact, not used enough, but they are extemely handy..
> They are not something a newbie can necessarily get into straight
> away,
Point taken, does this mean that the best way is to create 'query'
functions within the application?

> I don't think interbase is a system to think in terms of readily
> emailing a set of data from one point to another
I am yet to actually attempt to programmatically connect to a database,
but I am guessing from your talk, that it is not as simple as 'here is
a .gdb file, connect to it'

> exports the data from the gdb, then imports it...
Do you mean using some form of tab/comma deliminated text file?
This would be fine, export is always a good function to have.
And in this way, I could just have one particular selection of data (ie
all belonging to this particular employer).

> or you use a 3 tier
> approach where connections are made to different databases to pump
> certaindata.
This seems a bit daunting.

>It's not a database to be used the same way as a
> desktop system.
A desktop system?

> You might need to consider this mechanism in detail... do all
> clients have a
> permanent internet connection? If so, there may be other alternatives.
No, not really any option.