Subject Non-technical database question
Author Cassandra Harley
I am writing an application to store staff/wage details for an employer.

Generally the employer will only have one database.

However I would like the program to be able to handle more then one
database, for in the case of accountants and bookkeepers who use the
application for more then one client.

Therefore, the application needs to be capable of creating new instances of
the database.

I have created a metadata file, one thought is to have the application
create a new database from the metadata.

The problem with this is, if I do this, then will each instance of the
database need to store its own queries. Which seems silly, as each database
will have need of the same queries. Also if a later application upgrade
wanted different queries, then each database would need upgrading to be

Should each 'new employer' not have an individual database, but instead
share one database, with their own tables?? That way the queries are shared.
I think this is worse then the first idea, as copying one employers data
would need a function, instead of just being able to copy the .gdb file.
Also each 'employer's dataset will contain more then one table.

I know I probably sound way off track. But I am a newbie to this game
(recent uni. grad...all theory no practice as of yet). But I am wanting to
know the best way to do these things.

All thoughts/comments etc very much appreciated.