Subject Firebird performance
Author paul_damian <>
Hello all!

I've discovered Firebird a couple of months ago. And I consider it
for switching from MS-SQL Server, because of the price. And I ask you
to tell me about your experience implementing Firebird, regarding the

My app is designed for a small corporate intranet (most 5 users
logged in simontaneously), the network is running W98 / W2K prof
clients and TCP/IP. Firebird will be installed as service on an W2K
Professional machine (planned as Pentium IV / 1.8G, 256MB, RAID HDD
40MB). Even if it sounds not bad, I'm concerned about the following:
at some time it could happen that all clients will connect to an
table, wanting to "pump" thousends of records, some of them out
(SELECT FROM) and some of them in (INSERT TO). Will Firebird do it?
Will it be reliable?

Any advice you can give me? Perhaps also encouraging me, telling me
from your experience Firebird doing more than that? :-)

Best regards,