Subject Re: [ib-support] Re: just if you are curious
Author Roberto Della Pasqua
100 random queries, every query fetch the first 10 records.

128MB cache on table:
fb15 0.70 sec average
other db (I have fear to nominate!) 9.73 sec average

32MB cache on table:
fb15 0.73sec
other db ... aborted...too long times...

So FB15beta2 it's exactly 10X FASTER that the innominate! Great job boys!
Sorry for my previous posts on this group, I have made a mistake and

Still having a query long 0.7sec is far-far away from ms-sql or oracle :-\

Have a nice day!


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Subject: Re: [ib-support] Re: just if you are curious

> Hi Roberto,
> > sorry but I dont' have the FecthAll method on TIBSQL (latest version
> > Jeff Overcash IBX 5.04),
> > I had take a look to the class, but nothing of similar at fetchall I
> -------------
> while not(IBSQL1.EOF) do
> begin
> IBSQL1.Next;
> end;
> ------------