Subject Re: [ib-support] Re:Advice for web base application
Author Adam Clarke
A6-CMO Philippe Makowski wrote:

>Adam Clarke wrote :
> > is your friend
>Apache for sure.
Nice to hear :)

>I will take a look, but is there a lot of dev using perl with Firebird ?
>It will be an open-source project, perhaps there more people using PHP or C/C++
>cgi ?
Enough that there is a stable and capable driver (DBD) for the Perl DBI.
This is a good thing since once you are using the DBI you have an
abstraction to most of the database interaction.

The main project we used Perl / Firebird for is a Web based patient
management system which is used every day in a mission critical
application. The Perl/Firebird interaction has just worked. No hassles
at all. That means it is rock solid in my book.

I would not make my decision based on how well C??, PHP or Perl interact
with Firebird (I think that it's similarly reliable) but instead I would
consider the following.

1. Does it need the speed of C/C++ because if not then you'll exclude
less people from participating. Perl and PHP are easier to get started with.
2. Now evaluate PHP and Perl as languages, decide which one suits you best.

I chose Perl because ...
a) it was supported by a mature module archive (CPAN)
b) there was more information about using it in non-web applications (I
don't want to be developing in multiple languages)
c) it tended to lend itself to a more modular development (when using
the recipe that I specified)
d) I found the Perl community to be more thorough and careful than the
PHP community when it came to coding the examples and writing the
articles that I reviewed on the net.