Subject RE: [ib-support] IBEvents in Linux
Author Bert Hughes
The problem is somewhere in Linux - I had (have) precisely same problem, and
it occured after I upgraded from RedHat 6.2 to RedHat 7.3, and no help from
RedHat 8.0. This was IB 6.01, so I hoped to solve problem by switching to
FB, no luck, as you know. The really ugly part is that IB events
registration locks-up the FB/IB server. The only fix is re-booting the
server. (Yes, I'm talking about rebooting a Linux server). Solution - there
isn't one, and no matter what group you go to, you will be scolded for
posting the message. Post it somewhere else.

Your only hope may be to get IBX code (hah!) figure it out yourself. Let me
know, I want the fix too...

Bert Hughes

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TW> Hi,

TW> My app is a Windows client, accessing a Firebird (CS 1.5 beta 2)
TW> database on a Linux machine. Everything works fine accessing the data
TW> writing data and so on, but after trying to register events with
TW> IBEvents.RegisterEvents, my app hangs and no further data access is
TW> possible.

TW> - Database on a Windows machine, the app run well;
TW> - No firewall restrition;
TW> - The gds32.dll is updated to dll's of the Firebird 1.5 beta 2;
TW> - The IBX components is updated to 6.05;
TW> - Tested in all old version of Firebird/Interbase;

TW> Thanks for help.

I guess I'll save Helen Borrie time for writing one mail, if I write
you, that this list not for problems with beta versions of Firebird.
Send it to firebird-devel list at sourceforge. ;)

Martin Rohla

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