Subject Re: gfix & system tables question
Author Aage Johansen
I wrote:
I may have seen something similar, just today! I was in a hurry so didn't
have the time to investigate properly. First impression is that after a
failed attempt to create a table with some constraints (check, foreign
keys, primary key), one table could not be accessed (this was a
'referenced' table).
I hope to find som time Saturday to investigate the system tables.

When I returned on Saturday, everything was ok ...

We now believe the problem was that there were other open connections to
the database (possibly having opened the problem table).
All connections were from the same pc. I was in a hurry, and we didn't notice.

In any event, I'll probably be more careful when modifing metadata. (We
were using a copy of the 'real' database).

Aage J.