Subject Re: gfix & system tables question
Author Aage Johansen
Didier Gasser-Morlay wrote:
When using gfix I have not found a way to have some system table check
where I could find some 'orphaned' rows

I may have seen something similar, just today! I was in a hurry so didn't
have the time to investigate properly. First impression is that after a
failed attempt to create a table with some constraints (check, foreign
keys, primary key), one table could not be accessed (this was a
'referenced' table).
I dropped the table, created it anew and populated it. Then tried the
original create once more (however, this time the table definition was
changed (simpler)). I got a BLR error. I tried once more, but this time I
changed the table name: success! Again, with the old name: failure. Maybe
it was 'BLR error 24' - I don't really remember.
I also think I saw (in this errror message or another one) a reference to a
field which was included in the first CREATE attempt (but was removed in
later attempts).

I hope to find som time Saturday to investigate the system tables.

Aage J.