Subject RE: [ib-support] Metadata
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Mon, 2003-02-10 at 18:32, Cassandra Harley wrote:
> I have a vague idea about meta data.
> It is a description of the database.
> ie this table has this field which is txt and 5 characters long, indexed,
> and mandatory.

Description, design, etc. You are on the right page.

> I am under the impression that you can create a database using it, as
> opposed to admin tools.

The admin tools will write the meta data for you.

> And this is what I want to do.


> But I haven't a clue how.

I think you are saying you have no clue where to type the meta data or
into what.

You can use the command like tool isql. But it's initial commands and
etc can be a pain.

Since you are on a Win platform I would recommend using IBConsole or
IBOConsole, or another tool. Although I like IBConsole/IBOConsole since
they provide an easy way to view the meta data. Otherwise my favorite
for cross platform use is IBAccess.

Do not worry about the initial create database meta data.

Use the tool to create the database. It will only generate a few lines
of meta data.

From their you can use an interactive sql window to build the tables and
the rest of the db's internal structure.

> How do I know what metadata to use.

Look in the pdf docs. Or if need be use a tool to build a table or two
and view the meta data. The pdf docs pretty much walk you through the
meta data. Start with the Data Definition Guide.

> Is metadata different for different RDBMS?

Some is some isn't

> or is it standard.

Some are and some aren't. For the most part it's standard based but some
deviate. The syntax and var types may be different, but certain
structural aspects should be the same.

Usually if you know one that is standards based, then you can be a
little proficient with the others.

I am not an expert in the differences in meta data between different

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