Subject Re: [ib-support] Database Corruption Solution
Author Phil Shrimpton
On Friday 07 February 2003 20:56, you wrote:


> Before I describe my situation, I want everyone to know how happy we
> are with Firebird.


> It is rock solid. It is very easy to use and to
> administer. Our only complaint is that not enough people know about
> it and so it is sometimes difficult to market.

Just do what we do, and don't tell them they are using 'database' <g>

> Today I found the problem while updating the database. When altering
> a certain procedure, I would get a 'Connection Lost to Database' error.
> Inside this procedure, I was selecting from another procedure. The
> procedure I was selecting from didn't have any output parameters
> though. This was my problem. Once I altered the procedure to return
> the variable, everything worked.

This is a gotcer that a lot of people encounter. Basically stored procedures
are compiled. So if you have SP 'A' that uses SP 'B', SP 'B's code is
compiled into SP 'A'.. You can change SP 'B' as much as you want, but until
you re-compiler SP 'A', it still uses the old version of SP 'B'.


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