Subject Database Corruption Solution
Author Todd Brasseur <>
Hello People,

Before I describe my situation, I want everyone to know how happy we
are with Firebird. It is rock solid. It is very easy to use and to
administer. Our only complaint is that not enough people know about
it and so it is sometimes difficult to market.

I just found a solution to a problem that I had posted a while back
and thought I would share it with you, just in case you encounter a
similiar problem.

We had a client that was operating fine, but we couldn't restore their
database from their backup. The error from GBAK didn't give any hint
as to what the problem was.

Today I found the problem while updating the database. When altering
a certain procedure, I would get a 'Connection Lost to Database' error.

Inside this procedure, I was selecting from another procedure. The
procedure I was selecting from didn't have any output parameters
though. This was my problem. Once I altered the procedure to return
the variable, everything worked.

So .......

If you have a problem with restoring a database, you might want to
just try altering all your procedures and there may be a problem.

Todd Brasseur
COMPASS Municipal Services Inc.