Subject Re: [ib-support] Firebird Client (or is there a FAQ to deal with this?)
Author William L. Thomson Jr.

On Fri, 2003-02-07 at 01:39, benno wrote:
> I don't know where you downloaded your copy op Firebird, but check the
> IBPhoenix site, There is a lot of info there. Also try to
> get the manuals of Interbase (I believe you can find beta PDF at the phoenix
> site as well.

I agree with Benno regarding IBPhoenix as a great IB/Fb resource.
Here is a link to the docs that were mentioned.

Tons of knowledge in them, especially for beginners. That's where I

> As to getting started with a database, you need a script to create a
> database. Personally I use a tool called Dezign to do that
> ( You can draw your ERD, Dezign will create the script. It
> is just easy, but you can also create your scripts using notepad or other
> tools.

While I like and use tools myself, I did not start out that way. Well I
did use IBConsole, but my first db's and tables were created by hand
typing the meta data. Which I highly recommend in the beginning. Before
using a tool to generate the meta data for you.

Once you have an understanding of what's going on then start to migrate
to functionality in the tools to save time. So do use a tool, but start
with using it's SQL window and create the data and tables by hand typing
the meta data.

> Just check out IBPhoenix to find more info.

Or ask this list when you have questions. There are tons of very nice
and intelligent people lurking around this group/list. Most are more
than happy to help out.

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