Subject Re: [ib-support] Ib/FB stops thru firewall
Author Christian G├╝tter
Hi Omar,

> This is the situation:
> 1)The client use a firewall. Only 3050 port can be oppened to my
> server.


> My solution was eliminate post_event from by base and applications...
> Is not really a good solution!
> It is a bug?

it is not a bug. IB/FB do not use port 3050 for events,
the choose some other (random ?) ports.

I agree that this is very annoying when you are using
a firewall because you cannot know which ports must
be openend to make events work.

The only solutions that occur to me are the one you
have chosen or the one that your customer has to modify
the firewall rules. If applications are in the scope of the
firewall, something like "allow outgoing connections
to IBSERVER.EXE at any port" should work. Of course
this diminishes security, but only a bit <g>.

It would be a great feature for a future FB version to
change this IMHO 'random' behaviour of events.