Subject Ib/FB stops thru firewall
Author prismatec1 <>
A few days later my IBserver 6.01 (w2k) hangs.
The service does not respon to new connections.
CanĀ“t stop then service. Still stopping.
I wait until 10 minuts to decide root the server.

I need to go to client house.

This is the situation:

1)The client use a firewall. Only 3050 port can be oppened to my
2) My server not have a firewall (not installed yet) therefor, all
ports are open. I use w2k and ib 6.01 and tested with Firebird too.
3) The software developed by me, use events registered in server to
run some porcesses in client (post_event SQL command).
4) Well, I discover tha when The client register the event in server,
the server iniciate a connection in other port, like 3749, in this
case. This second connection are dropped by the firewall.
5) Since the IBServer service not respond ever more, not iniciate new
conections in any other base.
6) If I stop the service, they stil "stpping" forever. I wait more
then 30minuts to decide reboot the machine.

In other connections with ADSL I had the same problem(ibserver
freeze). I think is the same origin.

My solution was eliminate post_event from by base and applications...

Is not really a good solution!

It is a bug?