Subject Re: [firebird-support] Win32 10054 error, Firebird-Linux, clients-Windows
Author Elena Schwanov√°
Hi everybody,

the problem seems to be solved. For the others and especially for Ibrahim

I am an administrator of an application in Delphi, which in past used
database Interbase installed on Linux server RedHat 7.3. The users are
clients working in Win95-2000, there are 33 of them.
The new version of the application begun to
use database Firebird 1.0.2. It was again installed on Linux server but
different machine. I installed
the Client tools for Firebird for Windows client on every users PC, but from
that time on the application crashed and the system wrote this note:

Win32 error10054 (+IP address of the server)
Exception EIBInterBase Error in module
EDR32CS.exe (-> name of the application)
at 001210BD

Unable to complete network
request to host
Error reading data from connection

We did a lot of tests to find out when and why the connection was cancelled.
Then we decided to use different server, it was an older machine, system
administrator there newly installed the Linux system RedHat and the higher
Firebird version 1.0.3 and nothing more. We changed the servers and it
worked without problems for a week. Then system administrator used system
patches and installed the higher version of FB on the former rogue server,
we changed it back again two days ago and its working. It's difficult to say
what exactly was the problem of error 10054 but maybe this way will help
somebody else with the same problem.

Thanks a lot to everybody who sent his/her hint how to find the cause and
solve the problem.

I have a question: Is there any archive of these mails? During the time I
found that there are a lot of different problems solved in this group. If I
have some problem with Firebird in the future, can I go through some archive
to find if there was the same problem already discussed and solved?