Subject Re: [firebird-support] Win32 10054 error, Firebird-Linux, clients-Windows
Author Elena Schwanov√°
Hallo everybody,

thanks a lot to all who sent his/her idea about the problem with the error
win32 10054, we gradually tested all sent ideas and tried to specify the
time and conditions for the error. But we haven't solved the problem yet. We
found that the error appeared at the same time at all users. We didn't
realize it at the beginning because the users don't work at the same
building, they work at two different places in the town and if they have the
program running and are not working with it at the moment (they are phoning,
searching facts, discussing the matter and so on), nothing appears. At the
moment when they want to continue in work with the application the error
appears. That's why it seemed to crash at different time and after some
delay. But testing showed that all the connections are cancelled at the same
time, at all users and even when they are working with the application at
the moment. We are preparing a new server for tomorrow and will try simply a
new machine. If it doesn't help, we are at a loss.

Elena Schwanova