Subject -n switch of gbak.exe?
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi there,

does somebody know what's the usage of the -n switch of gbak is?

From the Firebird documentation:

┬ľn[o_validity] Deletes validity constraints from restored metadata. Use if you
need to restore data that you believe would not comply with validity

What does "validity constraints" in this context mean?

Ok, but, for example restoring a database with a newly created
NOT NULL field without updating the field for existing records
will fail, even when using the -n switch.

I know there was a new -va switch in IB 7 introduced, exactly
for restoring such databases, so my understanding of the -n
switch isn't correct.

Can anybody shed some light on the -n switch, and what it is
made for?

Thank you,
Thomas Steinmaurer

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